As America continues to grow, we are seeing a few patterns develop in terms of how and where people are choosing (or settling) to live. As the decades have passed, we’ve witnessed the transition from cities, to suburbs, back to urban centers, and into redeveloped mixed-use areas such as old train yards or light industrial settings.

Amidst all of this movement, there is a new trend which has caught our eye and seems to strike an important balance in both the mind of the people and the call of nature to re-connect. Enter, the acreage community.

Acreage communities are places where developers have decided not to pursue the traditional route of “high-density development”, in which they search for the most profits from the land they purchase. Instead, these conscientious visionaries are thinking about their customers, as well as environmental protection, first.

An acreage community is just like it sounds, a community, development, subdivision, or neighborhood, which is comprised of larger lots than found in most suburban developments. Typically these lots range from 1 or 2 acres on up to 5, 10, 20 or more. This can accommodate a large range of people, from those who just want a little extra room, right on up to those needing space for barns, horses and livestock, or to build large-scale homesites with beautiful landscaping.

Prior to these acreage communities, most seeking to build the home of their dreams either had to settle for cramped quarters in suburban neighborhoods, or to attempt to find a piece of land, generally for sale by owner, which would not have the ready-built utility hook ups, or other improvements such as green spaces, well-built roads, or a real community feel which is important in life.

The other thing which these places provide is a solid investment opportunity. With the ability to purchase “raw land” in a place that is going to be built up with custom homesites and finished roads, utilities, and amenities, you have the ingredients in place to see the value of that land go in the right direction while you sit and wait for the right time to sell.

With a little luck and some searching, you may be able to locate such a community just outside of the City you currently live in or around, and make the move which can bring much needed balance back into your life.

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